LINENWALAS 100% Tencel Pillowcase Set 2PC- Softest Cooling Eucalyptus Pillow Cover



LUXURIOUSLY SOFT AND ULTRA-COMFORT: LINENWALAS Organic Tencel Pillowcase are extra softer & smoother (500x thinner than cotton), breathable, and more durable than even the most exceptional quality of cotton. This Hotel Class Bedding collection will bring you a luxury to your bedroom, along with a comfortable night??s happy, blissful sleep.EUCALYPTUS FABRIC GOODNESS: LINENWALAS’ lyocell fabric is engineered from luxurious Eucalyptus, a fast-growing evergreen tree known to have great health benefits. This fabric’s natural goodness has helped people with happy blissful sleeping. Hot Sleepers will love us!FABRIC COOLNESS: Tencel Pillowcases are known for their sweat-wicking and cooling properties. This temperature balancing Lyocell fibers sheets keep you cool and moisture-free during summer and warm and cozy during winters.EASY CARE AND MAINTAINENCE: This Rayon fabric Organic Tencel Pillowcover requires low maintenance and easy care. At LINENWALAS, we make sheets from premium quality rayon fabric without using any dyes which get faded over time, thus keeping pillowcase bright-toned even after prolonged use. DO NOT use cream or bleach to clean pillowcase may lead to color fade.


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